January 06, 2014

Love Holland, really love her

Another season snow season, before the arrival of snow , cold heart first , even if this meant Intrigue , can not shake off the Nama touch of sadness in my heart , standing tower , watched oblique bar people away , the river cold smoke , grow a kind heart beautiful thoughts, mixed with a little bit of sadness, I tremble dip pen , a roll of her mind light scanning rewritten as clear as you charge , elegant indifferent , affection comfortable heart.audio cables
I Eleonora , is well known thing, then I love that woman , like the lotus , lotus flower behind pity mind , just because the lotus , so understood as to understand, so Xiangxi .
Lin , Mei does not demon , sweet born , slim , stunning the world. Lotus beauty, world wonder , Lian Jie, world praised Lin Ya , the world depicting lotus of the heart , and the world know what ?
Lian this one, Vientiane Jieyou roots. I wrote the same Dutch woman , and now it seems that she is more suitable for Lily , kind and innocent , and you are the Dutch clean , clear my mind of the Netherlands . Holland in my mind is elegant , with a touch of her fragrance , not only on behalf of goodness , there is not that kind of aloof but not light temperament thin , too thick , it will burn the others , too indifferent , will cooling themselves, not to go , neither hot nor cold , warm friend Ann , the only Dutch self-sustaining.
Love Holland, really love her .
Perhaps the same as the lotus woman , only one will know the crowd , near the heart to heart , and forged some of the edge Quinlan . Not easy for anyone to ingratiate themselves , once enamored is always , you're so , so I often meditate alone , can not help but sigh : The world is so big , you and I met , because the pre-existence of the species under present and tasted the fruit it, or , how thousands of people , you catch a glimpse of me to make you feel bad , I know too that I love you ? I firmly believe that with, people will eventually destined to meet , even world wide again , just one turn in the distance , I'll be there at your side , one eye will fall in love , there is no reason , no boundaries .
Dutch love love her warm NuHart.
Still remember , we met in the spring season, it is Rhapsody , bloom is brilliant , I laughed sweet. That was in April I spent the happiest time of harvest much -loved sweet reunion met you , I like a noble princess , set thousands of grace in one, enjoy wandering around in my naive artless bloom and enjoy the gift of life . You say , willing to do a warm woman , to bring happiness to others at the same time , warm themselves , in my heart , you're beautiful flower flowers open in my heart , sweet into the sea , each spoke , fragrance surplus sleeves, smile to warm .
Love Holland, love her heart.
Birthday last year , received a small print of your I Traction away, it was our first exchange, although when it became clear that you are my friend . Tap off , there is no sense of exquisite , simple stationery laying short , typography is also not very clear, it does not set auto-play music , however , a reading , just a few hundred words only , is that I bangs, I am not easily tempted people moved is another matter, but the affection between the lines , vivid and colorful , instantly melted my heart a solid light . She said that my body is always bad , it was very anxious that my mood is always unhappy , it was very sore heart, even on weekdays in the humble thing to talk about the little things , you mentioned under , taught me not help being moved , which requires attention how carefully before integration in this seemingly odd greetings among . She said that I was a woman makes love and affection , one would like , since my eyes more than one of you, that love has been around, I did not notice , but fortunately , the time so far away, I look back , you're still .
Often, calm down, a myriad of thoughts in mind , endless rain . I think I was blessed to have this rock crystal- pure love , counting myself , can not tell where the good , yet your heart is most concerned about people children , this promise is the world 's fate, jis in its own doomed .
Sometimes , I want to see you , not so strong , because you are in my heart , no matter horizon right close . At this moment , I read you the edge in the horizon , the next second , I look you in the eyes , just a ride from the landscape , never far from heart to heart . You good for me, has been deep in my heart kind of , you gave me love , rooted in my mind , whether flowers or snow , the heart has a flower , called the treasure .
This piece Red, you are the light of the wind Danyun woman , graceful came , only to keep one cloud water , designate a pregnant warm, however , you meet me, and destined to be a thrilling plot, scenes of joys and sorrows deduce , whether I was dressed on stage or the audience of Lost Souls sadly beautiful , you always guarded in a place not far from me , to give the deepest concern. I appeal to you sad when you say you 've been ; pain when I cry to you , you said you'd never leave ; When I was sick, you are anxious worry chaotic heart of God , for me to spend time around the front and rear ; my silence when you do not speak of her in silence, silence waiting ; when I was vilified , you say do not allow anyone to say to me ...... so we sister with the words : "You are a dynamic, she a loss , you are a sad , she bent on love, you are a busy , busy preparing her , even if you made ​​a mistake, she would say , all right, you made ​​a mistake and will always be our most loved sister , " then, I was speechless , secretly tears, since met each other have is full of warm , for the first time this end in tears , as our feelings of deep guilt but care less . I like an ignorant child , let love make you worry you , make you think hard and full of affect , then silence speaks , as one of my all turned into intricate , recall bits and pieces along the way , you is my family, my beloved people, ah ......g-suite cardinal
My Lotus Pond , this life have you, mention the fortunate men, and you should be grateful , I month, she was in that pool of clear water , blending dependency .
This life , you are the Netherlands, I was lotus, stay forever, with a piece of raw water , a cloud of Mu , and work in the depths of the Red, accompanied by silence , the silence of joy .
This life , I was lotus, she is the water , I have her, she had me blind with students, not abandon leave , graceful swaying heart as you move.
Everyone has a secret garden , it is unknown net, there is unspeakable circumstances , have quietly planted Bodhi , there is unspeakable vulnerable to heavy warmth of life .
Cry sister, forever. Spirit has petals, piano there Hanyu , I have you ......
This life , you are Dutch women in general , I was Eleonora person, deeply hidden in your eyes , the long-awaited .
This life , she is a woman , like the sea , I love the sea of people , deep in her soul , of watching the tides.
If one day , I packed up most happily , given the best years of your testimony refuge . Those warm , time will remember , and you, I'll remember ......

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